Frequently Asked Questions

How many video episodes are in MAP2?
There are 10 episodes.

When has MAP2 been updated?
MAP was re-filmed and updated in 2014.

Does MAP2 need to be completed in one sitting?
No, but it is recommended.

Does MAP2 require a facilitator?
No, but it is helpful.

Is MAP2 a valid assessment?
Yes. MAP has face, construct, and predictive validity. Extensive tests were conducted in the creation of MAP. Our clients have consistently found significant correlations between a manager’s performance on MAP and his or her success on the job.

How many people have taken MAP2?
More than 100,000 worldwide have taken MAP2.

What is the cost of MAP2?
The cost is $150 per participant.

Can MAP2 be taken more than once?
Yes, many organizations will conduct training reassessment to measure improvement, subsequent to training with Excel2.

Is there a 360-degree version of the MAP2 competencies?
Yes, Perspectives is a 360-degree assessment of the 12 MAP competencies, plus five additional leadership competencies.

What level of employee is MAP2 most appropriate for?
MAP2 is most suitable for all high-potential employees, front-line supervisors and middle-managers .

Are facilitators available to assist with the MAP2 process?
Yes, we have experienced professionals ready to assist, as needed.

What size/type organization is MAP2 appropriate for?
All organization sizes/types.

What makes MAP2 different from other assessments?
MAP is an objective, video-driven assessment with correct and incorrect responses relating to fundamental managerial competencies. There are ready-to-go competency workshops (Excel2) available for all 12 MAP competencies

What is the output of the MAP2 assessment?
MAP2 provides a proficiency profile report that is a clear “snapshot” of one’s managerial strengths and opportunities for development.

What should one do with the MAP2 results?
The MAP2 profile should be used as the basis for individual and organizational development planning.

Is MAP2 available in other languages?
Yes, MAP2 has been translated into Spanish and Chinese.

Do you have scoring results by industry-type?
Yes, we have a table of scoring results classified by Industry type.

Can I have someone from my company take a “Demo” assessment to help in our review?
Yes, a sample clip is available at To take the full assessment please email