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Video-Based Competency Training

Re-filmed and updated in 2013, the Managing to Excel2 series provides targeted training with customizable workshops for each of the 12 MAP2 competencies. Each workshop is designed for a half-day facilitated session, focusing exclusively on the key underlying behaviors of a given competency. Video episodes from the MAP2 assessment are incorporated into the training, providing real world examples for discussion.

Each workshop uses a short video presentation with analysis of management interactions, during which the use of a specific competency occurs. Workbook exercises are designed to help participants identify the basic skills and techniques associated with each competency. Participants then practice and apply the new skills via role-play, case-study method, script analysis, games/simulations, self-inventories, and other hands-on learning activities.

Finally, the participants create individual action plans for competency improvement. The plan is shared and discussed with their manager and other stakeholders.

Each module comes complete with Instructor Guide, Video, Power Point Presentation, and Participant materials. The Excel2 modules are licensed and can be customized by your organization to adapt to internal situations and needs.

Managing to Excel:

  • Teaches behavioral skills and techniques to improve a competency
  • Establishes a climate of participation and improved teamwork
  • Provides a solid basis for mentoring and coaching relationships
  • Encourages new managers to work to their full potential
  • Helps managers to respond to the need for increased productivity
  • Demonstrates the power of training to yield bottom-line results
  • Revitalizes the organization with a new commitment to excellence

Now Fully Customizable

Managing to Excel2 Workshops are now available in a fully customizable format, providing the flexibility to adapt to internal needs.